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Virtual Law Firms VS Traditional Law Firms: Let’s Hear From the Virtual PROs

By  ADAM Global Τ he power of technology has always been incredible to all of us by simplifying our everyday lives. In order to stay in track and ahead in today’s fast paced competitive world, an increase in productivity has become a vital necessity. This, of course, must be aligned with rapid advancement in technology as traditional businesses are getting more and more familiarized with adapting digitization. But who would have thought a decade ago, that we will have a wonderful opportunity to have “virtual law firms”? YES, that’s right virtual law firms are the highlight trend of 2019. Legal cases can be a very hectic journey for both client and attorney. Hassle of time spent travelling, overhead costs and nerve-racking traditional environment can take a toll on the client. The virtual law firm is the solution to all these problems. Connecting to the desired lawyer, documentation transfer and other legal procedures are available online in the comfort of clients home or even rem

The Law Firms of the Future

By  ADAM Global  * Current Trends Affecting the Legal Industry The legal profession lacks qualified providers, the amount of legal work that is not reserved to qualified lawyers and that forms a big part of their income. This is where, “Legal technology” (legal tech or ‘lawtech’) is playing its huge role. The new provider competes on equal or more favorable terms than the law firm. Lawyers are now able to provide reserved activities and black letter law better, which is known to be more efficient and cheaper. Legal tech has excited the imagination of lawyers and non-lawyers alike as to its possibilities. In the legal sector the potential to do the same thing at a cheaper cost and more effectively is extremely appealing. In this blog we are going to the analyze the trends affecting the legal industry, and how the future of law firms will look like with the progress in legal technology.  AI and Technology: “Digital disruption all over the place” According to the most recent