George Kazoleas is a qualified Lawyer both in Greek & Cyprus Law. Since 2005 he has an extensive professional experience, as legal counsel and litigator. He graduated from the Law School of the University of Athens and then he successfully completed his Master (LL.M) at the Law School of the University of Augsburg in Germany with specialization in Banking and Capital Markets Law.

He has successfully represented large companies from the financial, pharmaceutical and banking sector in Greece, and is currently representing foreign and national individuals and legal entities in Cyprus. He has a sound experience in handling cases of civil and administrative law before the competent courts of Greece and Cyprus. He has represented clients before the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece, the Council of State, and has dealt with significant cases of commercial, banking, family and succession law. He has also hands-on experience in dealing with public Law cases, i.e. administrative appeals, public procurement, and public tenders. He has published various legal articles and opinions in the Legal Press, while being an editor-in-chief of three legal websites ( , & ). He is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and Greece Bar Association. He speaks Greek, English, & German.

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The Lawyer's right to refuse the defense of an accused person for ethical reasons 

The Truth as the Defeated in a Τrial 

Can life be considered a loss under the civil law of damages? Thoughts based on a decision of BGH in Germany 

The abuse of power & influence of credit institutions against borrowers and the moral issue of exploiting their psychological state when concluding loan agreements

Advice on Crypto-assets : Obligations of the authorised advisors under the proposed European Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets 

Τhe right of access to a lawyer since the beginning of the criminal proceedings as an aspect of the right to a fair trial

Τhe appeal against a decision rejecting asylum and the principle of effectiveness

The struggle for truth against time and limitation period in the light of two paternity court cases

Excessive formalism as a restriction on the right of access to justice  

Artificial intelligence in justice systems : Αn inevitable revolution is coming

The "bad bosses" of the legal profession

Coronavirus as force majeure event - The impact on contracts

Unfair and illegal terms of loan agreements used by banks

Early repayment of the loan: Borrower's right to reduction in the total cost of the credit and bank's compensation right 

Swiss franc loans and borrowers’ rights in the light of 4 important judgments of the European Court of Justice

New rules applicable to property regimes for international married couples or registered partnerships



George Kazoleas, Lawyer

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