Associate Legal Officer in International Criminal Court

The Office of Public Counsel for Victims of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Haque wants to recruit an Associate Legal Officer .

The Statute of the International Criminal Court establishes an internationally new and unique system for the participation of victims in the proceedings before the Court. In addition, the Statute also provides victims with the right to apply for reparation for the harm suffered as a result of crimes under the jurisdiction of the Court. Due to the complexity of procedures governing the functioning of the Court, victims are legally represented and assisted. For the purpose of assisting victims with regard to their participation in proceedings and obtaining reparations, the Regulations of the Court has established the Office of Public Counsel for Victims that falls within the Registry solely for administrative purposes and otherwise shall function as a wholly independent office. In performing their tasks of assisting external legal representatives, as well as representing victims, the members of the Office act independently.

Minimum Net Annual Salary €60,050.00

Deadline for applications: 31/03/2021

More information and applications here


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