The Paradigm of Hellenic Civil Code

By Evlampia Tsolaki, Lawyer

On the occasion of the great anniversary for 200 years from the beginning of Greek 1821 Revolution we have decided to upload the below paper, which is an elaborated version of our presentation entitled ʺThe Paradigm of Hellenic Civil Code taken place on 28th June 2018 in the Biennial Conference ʺLaws Across Codes and Laws Decoded having being organized by the European Society of Comparative Legal History (ESCLH) in Paris (28th-30th June 2018). Its main subject matter describes the byzantine origins of Hellenic Civil Law and afterwards the attempts of designing Hellenic Civil Code in a dialectical relation with the formation of the modern Greek State, which (attempts) eventually resulted to its final composition. Nice reading! (European Society for Comparative Legal History: / Photo by Wendy van Zyl at Pexels)

Read the paper here

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