Justibus: The new free and traveling legal assistance project

An innovative proposal for those who are not easy to go to the law firm for legal services presented the Justibus program.
The new free and traveling legal assistance project was set up in Belgium by the French Order of the Brussels Bar. The JUSTIBUS project is an initiative of the Legal Aid Commission of the French Bar Association of Brussels, with the support of the Minister of Justice Houses in charge of front-line legal aid of the Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation- under the leadership of Vinciane Gillet, member of the CCBE Quality sub-group. 
Since 14 October 2019, the JUSTIBUS has been travelling in the 19 municipalities of Brussels, according to an established schedule, to provide free legal aid to people in precarious situations. Several volunteer lawyers run mobile hotlines and receive people to provide them with legal information that could potentially help their situation. However, volunteer lawyers and trainee lawyers do not perform legal acts. If necessary, they refer the concerned person to a lawyer who may be able to assist him or her, including to a «pro bono» lawyer if the conditions for receiving legal aid are met. (ccbe.eu)


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