Adoption of technology by law firms - fact or fiction?

"Adoption of technology by law firms - fact or fiction?" ( 12 Oct 2021  1300 - 1400 BST) - A webinar presented by the IBA Law Firm Management Committee

This webinar will use a survey which will be circulated among members as the basis for discussions. The survey will ask questions to determine the real adoption/use of technology by law firms and legal practitioners:

• Has the legal profession embraced legal tech, and if so what is the reality?

• What time of tech tools are being used; how is tech being adopted; and is it across the firm or just pockets of professionals within the firm?

• Are firms spending money on legal tech, and what is the difference between those who are and those who do not have the budget for sophisticated legal tech solutions?

• What do clients expect in terms of firms’ ‘tech’ offering, and why?

Certificates of attendance for each session will be provided, automatically, to all delegates who have registered in advance and attended the live broadcast for a minimum of 30 minutes based on verified sign-in and sign-out times. Certificates can only be issued to the name provided at the time of registration. If you have any queries relating to your certificate of attendance, please email

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