Senior Agent- Lawyer in the Data Protection Function of Europol

The Data Protection Function (DPF) of Europol provides objective assurance and consultation activities designed to add value and improve data processing operations at Europol. 

Under Europol’s organisational structure, the Data Protection Function (DPF) is an independent function of the Management Board headed by the Data Protection Officer (DPO) who is appointed by and accountable to the Management Board. The Data Protection Officer’s main task is to ensure. In an independent manner, lawfulness and compliance with Europol’s legal framework as far as the processing of personal data is concerned.

The position is in collaboration with Europol Innovation Lab which leads Europol’s involvement in EU Security Research programmes and coordinates the implementation of four H2020 projects (AIDA, GRACE, INFINITY and STARLIGHT), for which Europol is in charge of a number of deliverables.

The post holder supports the day-to-day work of the Data Protection Function (DPF) by contributing to data protection compliance regarding Europol’s participation in research and innovation projects.

The job holder will be in charge of providing expertise in relation to data privacy and security by design and ethics by design in the implementation of the H2020 projects. 

The job holder will also be supporting all related project activities and contribute to the preparation of project deliverables.

This role may also be assigned to a post not funded by external assigned revenue. 

The basic monthly salary is: grade 13 (EUR 3,555.98), grade 14 (EUR 4,023.40) or grade 16 (EUR 5,150.62)

Deadline for application: 22 October 2021, 23:59 Amsterdam Time Zone

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