In prison 37-year-old in Greece because he did not wear a mask against Covid-19

A 37-year-old man will serve 2/3 of the total sentence of 60 days imposed on him by the District Criminal Court in Serres, Greece, because he did not wear a protection mask against coronavirus. In particular, the court, after finding him guilty of violating the measures to prevent infectious diseases, ordered that the accused man should serve 40 days in prison, while the rest of the sentence (20 days) was decided to be suspended.

The case was tried with the "act of committing an offence" procedure, while as it became known, the man is said to have committed the same crime during the previous period.

According to Article 100 of the new Greek Penal Code, if a person is sentenced to imprisonment for not more than three years, the court, if it deems it necessary to assess part of the deprivation of liberty in order to prevent him from committing other criminal acts, may order the execution of that part, the duration of which may not be less than ten days nor more than three months, as well as the suspension of execution of the remainder. (source:


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