The role of associations of judges in supporting judicial independence

In a new Opinion on “The role ofassociations of judges in supporting judicial independence”, the Council of Europe’s Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE) calls upon member States to provide a framework within which the right of judges to associate can be effectively exercised, and to refrain from any interventions which might infringe the independence of the associations of judges.

The CCJE notes that a great variety of judges’ associations exist in Europe, in relation to their aims, the size of their membership, and the qualifications for membership. However, a common feature for them all is that they are self-governing non-profit organisations whose most important and overarching objectives are to establish and defend the independence of judges, to safeguard their status and, to ensure adequate working conditions for judges. In this way, the associations help foster and improve the rule of law. The CCJE also notes that associations of judges should be closely involved in any judicial reform efforts, and that training and ethics are important areas of work for them as well.

The Opinion will be transmitted to the Committee of Ministers in charge of ensuring its dissemination and fostering its application in all member States. (

The Opinion is available here



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