ECtHR: Indefinite retention of DNA, fingerprints and photograph of man convicted of drink driving breached his privacy rights

ECJ: EU law does not preclude Member States from providing for civil proceedings for confiscation which are unrelated to a finding of a criminal offence

ECtHR: The pre-trial detention of a judge breached the Convention

ECJ: A passenger who reserved his or her flight through a travel agency may bring an action for compensation for a long flight delay against the air carrier before the courts of the place of departure of the flight

ECJ: Airbnb is not required to hold an estate agent’s professional licence as it did not notify the Commission of that requirement in accordance with the Directive on electronic commerce

ECtHR: Late notification of hearing date: applicant was unable to reply to opinion of advocate-general at Court of Cassation

ECHR: Holocaust denial is not protected by the European Convention on Human Rights

ECtHR: Removal of a mother’s parental authority and adoption of her eldest son by foster parents: Violation of the right to respect for private and family life

ECJ: An e-commerce platform such as Amazon is not obliged in all cases to make a telephone number available to consumers before the conclusion of a contract

ECtHR: Student’s arrest and detention for allegedly filming a dance and uploading it to the Internet was not lawful


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